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Helping the Exceptional

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Make a Difference
in a Child's Life

In loving memory of Selah's grandmother, Anita Ballard Pitts


11/21/1953 -  08/04/2023

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The Selah Grey Foundation exists to advocate, educate, support, and counsel families that have suffered traumatic experiences or have children with special needs. With one-on-one support to children that have suffered abuse, neglect, grief, or trauma we are able to help put the pieces of life back together. It is important to understand that life is not “black and white”. We often have to examine the shades of grey to find our solutions. Every child is different and needs to be supported on an individual basis.

Donate to help families in our community to get the services and opportunities they need to help their family be successful.

Become a volunteer with our organization. This allows us to have inclusive events for all children in the Upstate of South Carolina. Don't have the time to dedicate? That's us to see other ways you can get involved!

We are a 501(c)(3) organization.

 The Selah Grey Foundation

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The Selah Grey Foundation provides a multitude of wrap around services to serve families in need of assistance. Our mission is to help find solutions to non-typical situations. 

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